Command line toolsActor group

Actor group

cn show actor group

Shows all members of our actor group and the entrusted keys.

cn join ACCOUNT*
cn join ACTOR on STORE

Adds a member to our actor group. To complete the association, the new member must join us, too.

cn set member ACTOR* active
cn set member ACTOR* backup
cn set member ACTOR* idle
cn set member ACTOR* revoked

Changes the status of a member to one of the following:

Active members share the group data among themselves, and are advertised to receive messages.

Backup members share the group data (like active members), but are publicly advertised as not processing messages (like idle members). This is suitable for backup actors.

Idle members are part of the group, but advertised as not processing messages. They generally do not have the latest group data, and may have no group data at all. Idle members may reactivate themselves, or get reactivated by any active member of the group.

Revoked members have explicitly been removed from the group, e.g. because their private key (or device) got lost. Revoked members can be reactivated by any active member of the group.

Note that changing the status does not start or stop the corresponding actor, but just change how it is regarded by others. The status of each member should reflect its actual behavior.

After modifying the actor group members, you should "cn announce" yourself to publish the changes.