Command line toolsShow an actor's public card

Show an actor's public card

cn show card of ACCOUNT
cn show card of ACTOR [on STORE]
cn show card of KEYPAIR [on STORE]

Shows the card(s) of an actor.

cn show card of ACTORGROUP

Shows all cards of an actor group.

cn show card

Shows the card of the selected actor on the selected store.

cn show my card

Shows your own card.

An actor usually has one card. If no cards are shown, the corresponding actor does not exist, is not using that store, or has not properly announced itself. Two cards may exist while the actor is updating its card. Such a state is temporary, but may exist for hours or days if the actor has intermittent network access. Three or more cards may point to an error in the way the actor updates his card, an error in the synchronization code (if the account is synchronized). Two or more cards may also occur naturally when stores are merged.

A peer consists of one or more actors, which all publish their own card. The cards are usually different, but should contain consistent information.

You can publish your own card (i.e. the card of your main key pair) using

cn announce