Command line toolsShow messages

Show messages

cn show messages of ACCOUNT
cn show messages of ACTOR|KEYPAIR [on STORE]

Shows all (unprocessed) messages of an actor ordered by their envelope hash. If store is omitted, the selected store is used.

cn show messages of ACTORGROUP

Shows all messages of all actors of that group.

cn show messages

Shows the messages of the selected key pair on the selected store.

cn show my messages

Shows your messages.

cn show our messages

Shows all messages of your actor group.

Unprocessed messages are stored in the message box of an actor. Each entry points to an envelope, which in turn points to a record object. The envelope is signed by the sender, but does not hold any date. If the application relies on dates, it must include this date in the message.

While the envelope hash is stored on the actor's store, the envelope and the message are stored on the sender's store, and are downloaded from there. Depending on the reachability and responsiveness of that store, messages may not always be accessible.

Senders typically keep sent messages for about 10 days on their store. After that, the envelope hash may still be in the message box, but the actual message may have vanished.