Command line toolsShow objects

Show objects

cn show record OBJECT
cn show record HASH on STORE

Downloads an object, and shows the containing record. The stores are tried in the order they are indicated, until one succeeds. If the object is not found, or not a valid Condensation object, the program quits with exit code 1.

The following object properties can be displayed:

cn show hash of …
cn show size of …
cn show bytes of …
cn show hashes of …
cn show data of …
cn show record …

Multiple properties may be combined with "and", e.g.:

cn show size and hashes and record of …
cn show record HASH

As above, but uses the selected store.

cn show record FILE

As above, but loads the object from FILE rather than from an object store.

… decrypted with AESKEY

Decrypts the object after retrieval.

cn show object …

A shortcut for "cn show hashes and data of …".

Related commands

cn get OBJECT [decrypted with AESKEY]
cn save [data of] OBJECT [decrypted with AESKEY] as FILE
cn open envelope OBJECT [on STORE] [using KEYPAIR]
cn show data tree OBJECT [on STORE]