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HTTP store server

cn start http server for STORE on port PORT

Starts a simple HTTP server listening on port PORT. The server handles requests within /objects and /accounts, and uses STORE as backend. Requests on the root URL (/) deliver a short message.

You may need superuser (root) privileges to use the default HTTP port 80.

This server is very useful for small to medium-size projects, but not particularly efficient for large-scale applications. It makes no effort to use DMA or similar features to speed up delivery, and handles only one request at a time (single-threaded). However, when using a front-end web server with load-balancing capabilities, multiple HTTP servers for the same store may be started to handle multiple requests in parallel.

… at TEXT

As above, but makes the store accessible at /TEXT/objects and /TEXT/accounts.

… with static files from FOLDER

Delivers static files from FOLDER for URLs outside of /objects and /accounts. This is useful for self-contained web apps.

… for everybody

Sets CORS headers to allow everybody to access the store from within a web browser.

For more options, write a Perl script instantiating and configuring a CN::HTTPServer.