Document incomplete, to be adapted to new structure

Documents provide an efficient and convenient way to store data in the Condensation data system.

A data set is a tree of nodes. Each node is identified by a label, and can hold a small set of values.


Object tree structure

TODO: main object, list objects

Head object coffee chai lattehot chocolateorange juice List objects Data set coffeedecafespressogreen teahibiscus teahot chocolateiced green teaiced mint teamint teaorange juice 4.204.303.70 4.50 4.404.403.802.802.904.

Main objects

List objects

A list object has the following structure:

H4 HashesH ⨯ 32 bytes Condensation header C4 Item offsetsC ⨯ 4 bytes Items Encrypted object data

List inclusion algorithm

Include lists < 2 times the number of included lists