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Trust model mature

Devices, network, and storage servers

Condensation does not require servers or storage facilities to be trusted. In fact, it treats network and storage in exactly the same way: as a single, untrusted communication channel.

Devices Network trusted untrusted Storage (servers)

This is in contrast to most cloud storage services, where the network is untrusted (and secured using HTTPS), but the storage servers are trusted.

Users and services

Condensation is built around a fully distributed trust model. Each user individually decides which friends or services to trust.

Trust is not mutual, i.e., if Alice trusts Bob, Bob does not need to trust Alice.

Services are considered the same as regular users. When editing a subtree with an (online or offline) application, for example, only that particular subtree needs to be shared with the application. Once done, the resulting subtree can be integrated back into the main tree. Hence, the application only needs to be trusted for that particular job.