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Minimalistic FTP server

This is a very minimalistic FTP server that only processes commands relevant to Condensation.


2016-01-06 – condensation-ftp-server


Since Condensation does not require the communication with the store to be encrypted, using the – a priori – insecure FTP protocol is perfectly all right. However, using a generic FTP server is not a great option, since it would allow an attacker to carry out arbitrary file system operations within the store folder. Using this minimalistic FTP server instead has several advantages:

Objects and accounts are stored on the file system. Use the cn tools to collect garbage.

Due to the plain-text nature of FTP, no meaningful user authentication is possible. Hence, any username and password are accepted. Do not use this as your primary store, since malicious users may purge arbitrary private and message boxes.

Note that the FTP protocol is not very efficient. This store is therefore not recommended for large volumes.

Running the server

To run this server, type:


on the command line. To run it in the background, use something like this:

./condensation-ftp-server > log-file 

The configuration can be modified at the top of the executable (Perl script).

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