Store serversHTTP/PHP/MySQL


A Condensation HTTP store for any PHP-enabled web server. Accounts and objects are stored on a MySQL/MariaDB database. A simple admin interface allows to view and remove accounts, and run garbage collection.


2016-05-13 –


Copy the scripts onto your web server, and configure the database connection in

The package contains two main scripts:

Make sure that the admin interface is not accessible to the public.

Configure your webserver such that all URLs starting with

are passed to store.php. Similarly, all

URLs should be handled by admin.php. Many web servers are configured like that already.

The scripts require following server variables:

REQUEST_METHOD HTTP request method with uppercase letters, e.g. GET
REQUEST_URI the full path, e.g. /path/to/admin.php/accounts/
PATH_INFO (optional) the sub path, e.g. /accounts/

If the PATH_INFO variable is not available, the sub path is derived from the request URI. If you are passing different variables to your PHP script, adapt the code in accordingly.


The store currently does not verify signatures.

Store URL

The store URL to be passed to Condensation is:

Database layout

The store uses two tables: